Westfly is transitioning to a new Content Management System (CMS), which will give the website a new, more contemporary look as well as new features and functionality.

In the meantime, some pages are still in the old style, some are in the new style, and some are partially converted but don't yet have their full functionality. In other words, you can expect a bit of a mess. Sorry!


Here's the schedule for improvements:

  • Prior to January 14
    • Legacy pages DONE
    • Forum DONE
    • Convert Entomology pages DONE
  • Week of January 15
    • Fix problems with drop down menus DONE
    • Add drop-down functionality to Legacy tab DONE
    • Convert fly pages DONE
    • Fix problems with footer menu DONE
    • Start convertion of articles
  • Week of January 22
    • Complete conversion of articles
    • Fix connections between fly, entomology, and article pages
    • How to match-the-hatch for entomology pages
    • Search for articles
    • Search for fly patterns 
  • Week of January 29
    • Tides
    • River Levels
  • February 5 through end of February
    • Fishing Reports
    • Home page
    • Style tweaks


Tight lines,
Uncle Fuzzy (Scott Richmond)