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Advertising on Westfly

Ad Types

There are three types of Westfly ads:

  1. 728 by 90 pixel top banners
  2. 160 by 600 pixel tower ads
  3. 728 by 90 pixel bottom banners

Advertisers may purchase top banner space for $65 per month. Each adverstiser will get, on average, about 1,000 showing per day. Google AdSense ads show in unsold space. If you are interested in advertising on Westfly, please send an email to info@westfly.com

Twenty-five percent of tower ads are donated by Westfly to approved conservation groups. The remainder of the space is used by Google AdSense.

Bottom banners are Google AdSense.


Westfly's users are serious fly anglers, the backbone of the sport.

  1. 98% are male.
  2. They average over 40 fly-fishing days a year.
  3. 64% own three or more fly rods.
  4. 42% have hired a fishing guide in the last three years.
  5. 30% don't subscribe to any fly fishing or outdoor magazines.
  6. They like to travel: 51% want to visit Montana or Idaho, 46% fantasize about an Alaska trip, and 29% would like to fish in B.C. or Alberta.

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