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Clackamas River

Wednesday, March 29, 12:10 a.m. PDT

Current River Levels

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Oak Grove Fk / near Gvt Cmp

7 30 year

2.24 / 253

12 am

Oak Grove Fk / above intake

7 30 year

6.36 / 998

11 pm Yest.

Oak Grove Fk / at Ripplebrook

7 30 year

3.41 / 442

12 pm Yest.

Clackamas / Above Three Lynx

7 30 year

4.65 / 4480

10 pm Yest.

Clackamas / Estacada

7 30 year

14.65 / 6560

11 pm Yest.

Clackamas / at Oregon City

7 30 year

29.17 / 9690

9 pm Yest.


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What to Expect in March

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The river sees a run of wild steelhead in March. Use traditional tactics, and Egg Flies indicator tactics, depending on the type of water. Use the latter along rocky areas near the bank where the water is two-four feet deep; the plug pullers, side drifters, and drift anglers usually don't fish those spots.

The stretch between the Feldheimer and Barton boat ramps has good fly water, and the Barton-Carver section is also decent. Below Carver there is less fly-friendly water. There is also good bank access near the two McIver Park boat ramps. Private property limits access to the Clackamas, so it is difficult for fly anglers to fish this river without a boat.

Look for a river stage of around 12.5-13.5 feet on the Estacada gage. After a major rain, the Clackamas drops and clears more slowly than other rivers in the area.

The Eagle Creek hatchery run (if there was one) will have peaked by early March and fades quickly (there is not much of a native run in this tributary). Eagle Creek clears quickly after a storm, unlike the mainstem Clackamas. You want to be there within 48 hours after a major rainstorm ends; the sooner the better. Use indicator tactics when fishing Eagle Creek. Look for places where the water slows and deepens or moves at moderate speed through a trough or slot.

For more on March tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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