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Umpqua River, North Fork

Friday, October 31, 4:37 a.m. PDT

Current River Levels

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Steamboat Ck at Steamboat

7 30 year

2.75 / 1020

3 am

Little River near Peel

7 30 year

3.75 / 406

3 am

N. Umpqua at Copland

7 30 year

5.71 / 1280

1 am

N. Umpqua at Wright Creek

7 30 year

4.38 / 2130000

2 am

N. Umpqua at Winchester

7 30 year

2.80 / 1690

3 am


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What to Expect in October

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Chinook will be spawning this month, and they always stir things up as they thrash around; this makes the steelhead wary. But it's October, and the chinook will soon be rotting carcasses, and a little rain will fall. That makes October one of the best months to fish the North Umpqua. Crowds are down in October, especially on weekdays. At this season the North Umpqua's canyon stays mostly shaded from dawn to dusk, so you can cast your fly all day.

October caddis are active, and that can stimulate the fish. In addition to the usual purple or black steelhead patterns, a Steelhead Caddis, Steelhead Muddler, or other brown or orange pattern might entice the steelhead at this time of year.

Don't wait too long: if we get some heavy rain, many of the steelhead will shoot up the spawning tributaries, and you can't fish for them there.

As the weather turns cold at the end of the month (or before), you might as well sleep in and let the water warm up before going fishing.

For more on October tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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