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Sandy River

Monday, January 23, 2:35 a.m. PST

Current River Levels

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Blzd Alder Ck / nr Rhododendron

7 30 year

1.70 /

1 am

Fir Ck / nr Brightwood

7 30 year

2.05 / 33

1 am

Beaver Ck / Troutdale

7 30 year

6.98 / 51

1 am

Little Sandy / nr Bull Run

7 30 year

2.60 / 136

1 am

Bull Run, SF / Multnomah Falls

7 30 year

4.02 / 129

1 am

Bull Run, NF / Multnomah Falls

7 30 year

1.39 / 66

1 am

Bull Run / Multnomah Falls

7 30 year

4.18 / 367

1 am

Bull Run / Bull Run

7 30 year

5.39 / 813

1 am

Sandy / Bull Run

7 30 year

9.97 / 2570

1 am

Sandy / Marmot

7 30 year

691.66 / 1240

1 am


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What to Expect in January

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Hatchery-bred fish hit their peak this month. There is good bank access at Oxbow Park and along the Camp Collins/YMCA area. Anglers floating the river will find excellent fly water between Oxbow and Dabney Parks, and between Dodge Park and Oxbow. The latter drift has a couple of tricky rapids and is not suited to hard drift boats or inexperienced oarsmen; large inflatable boats and skilled rowers are needed.

The Sandy clears quickly after a storm, and it fishes well when it's on the high side. The east wind can be a problem here, so when it's blowing hard in the Gorge it can be nasty on the Sandy.

Type 3 sink-tip lines are sufficient for most runs, but carry heavier lines as well.

The Sandy is usually clear if the freezing level is above 5,000 feet, and usually muddy if it's above 6,000 feet.

For more on January tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor--Oregon City 503-557-3313

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Royal Treatment Fly Shop 503/850-4397

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