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Sandy River

Saturday, December 10, 4:20 p.m. PST

Current River Levels

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Blzd Alder Ck / nr Rhododendron

7 30 year



Fir Ck / nr Brightwood

7 30 year

2.38 / 65

3 pm

Beaver Ck / Troutdale

7 30 year

7.93 / 149

3 pm

Little Sandy / nr Bull Run

7 30 year

2.99 / 260

3 pm

Bull Run, SF / Multnomah Falls

7 30 year

4.55 / 220

3 pm

Bull Run, NF / Multnomah Falls

7 30 year

1.84 / 113

3 pm

Bull Run / Multnomah Falls

7 30 year

4.67 / 577

3 pm

Bull Run / Bull Run

7 30 year

6.19 / 1300

3 pm

Sandy / Bull Run

7 30 year

10.57 / 3590

3 pm

Sandy / Marmot

7 30 year

691.94 / 1530

3 pm


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What to Expect in December

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Winter steelhead should show up in the Sandy in the second half of December, and there are some summer steelhead still in the system, too. The Sandy offers good winter fly fishing from Dodge Bridge to Dabney Park. The Oxbow Park to Dabney stretch is an easy drift for boaters. There is also good bank access in the Oxbow Park area, but you'll have to walk a ways. From Dodge to Oxbow, boaters need to have excellent whitewater skills and a large inflatable boat; it's not good water for a McKenzie-style hard boat.

Steelhead Bunnies, Egg Sucking Leeches, and other winter flies are good choices here. You'll need a sink-tip line.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that everyone now knows the Sandy is a good winter fly fishing venue. Several guides work the river, and many unguided anglers are dialed into the program, too. So even if you fish mid-week, and even if you go to hard-to-reach sections, you face the prospect of too many anglers competing for too little water. Or not. You never know in advance what you'll find. You just have to set your expectations and give it a shot.

For more on December tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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Other Info Sources

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Fisherman's Marine and Outdoor--Oregon City 503-557-3313

The Fly Fishing Shop 503-622-4607

Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters 503-252-1529

Royal Treatment Fly Shop 503/850-4397

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