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Kalama River

Tuesday, November 24, 1:44 p.m. PST


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What to Expect in November

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The chinook salmon are no longer ripping around and stirring up the other fish. Those salmon are now dead and rotting in the backwaters and beaches. So it goes.

Second-round coho have been entering the river. Expect bright fish to be available up to the second hatchery for much of the month. These fish spread out more--both in space and in time--than the early coho. This makes it a much more interesting run.

Summer steelhead are present, too. The vanguard of the winter run should enter late in the month.

The biggest determinant of good fishing will be the weather. The Kalama does not clear quickly after a storm. Drizzle is good--very good. But downpours are not. There is a gage for the East Fork of the Lewis, but not for the Kalama. So if we get a deluge, watch the charts for the East Fork. After it begins to drop, wait a couple of more days before coming to the Kalama.

For more on November tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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