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Kalama River

Tuesday, February 21, 10:06 p.m. PST


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What to Expect in February

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The Kalama is a reasonable February prospect if it's not too high. By late February, native steelhead should start to enter in significant numbers. These fish come in two flavors: wild native fish and hatchery steelhead bred from native stock. Both flavors can be found in the first 9 miles of river, up to Kalama Falls. Above Kalama Falls, only wild native steelhead will be present. There could be decent numbers of them in the upper river from late February through March.

Use traditional tactics. Indicator tactics with Egg Flies and similar patterns are also effective.

The Kalama doesn't have a river gage, but you can use the gage for the East Fork of the Lewis River to get a general idea of what's happening on the Kalama. Prichard's Western Angler (360-673-4690) records a daily fishing report. The gear chuckers will be happy with slightly higher water and turbidity than fly fishers, so take that into account when you listen to the recording.

For more on February tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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