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Kalama River

Saturday, May 27, 12:31 p.m. PDT


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What to Expect in May

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This month the Kalama will be dominated by gear anglers seeking chinook salmon. Fly anglers might be more comfortable on the East Fork Lewis or the Washougal.

In addition to the chinook, the Kalama will have early summer run steelhead this month. There aren't very many steelhead, but you're in for a thrill if you hook one. Carry dark patterns, such as black or purple. Swing them slowly on a sink-tip line if the water is high and cold (under 52 degrees). Use a floating line if the water is lower and warmer. If you're not getting results, try a flashier color, such as orange or hot pink. The lower five miles, from the Red Barn to the mouth, is the best place at this time. Just remember that you're going to be competing with salmon-crazed gear anglers.

The fly-fishing-only water in the upper Kalama is closed this month.

The Kalama is subject to blow-outs due to storms or snowmelt, and there is no gage on the river. Use the East Fork Lewis as a surrogate; the Kalama clears a couple of days after the East Fork.

For more on May tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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