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Sol Duc River

Monday, April 24, 1:58 p.m. PDT


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What to Expect in April

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The Sol Duc remains open this month. Expect some spring chinook salmon in the system.

The first couple of weeks of April could offer decent steelhead fishing on the Sol Duc. Use a type 3 or type 6 sink tip line and traditional tactics. Marabous and Egg Sucking Leeches are productive patterns here. Pick a large dark fly (purple or black) if the water is on the turbid side and fish the margins of the river. Choose a smaller fly in pink or orange if the water is clear. Use a thinner tippet if the water is clear (8-10 pound test).

The Sol Duc will clear faster than other river in the area, so this is the place to go when the rain has stopped for a couple of days.

For more on April tactics and flies, see the Rivers in General forecast

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