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August Forecast Steelhead are arriving in the Deschutes and other rivers. Trout are lying low when the sun is on the water. If you do it right, the dog days won't get to you.


Oregon fly fishing

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Deschutes / Madras

12 pm

2.76 / 3810

55.4 / -

7  30  year

U / F

McKenzie / Vida

12 pm

1.02 / 1810

55.0 / -

7  30  year

U / F

Rogue / Dodge Bridge

11 am

3.14 / 1880

56.7 / -

7  30  year

U / F

Sandy / Marmot

11 am

690.03 / 239

7  30  year

U / F

Oregon News

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Buoy 10 Closes for Chinook Still open for coho. By ODFW new  

Buoy 10 Open for Fin-Clipped Only Starting August 24. By ODFW 

Changes Proposed for NE Fishing Regs Daily limits, season By ODFW 

Rogue Reopens for Afternoon Fishing Several locations. By ODFW 


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Coming Soon! New Fly Fishing Blockbuster Movies! Several sure-fire fly fishing blockbuster movie plots. By Scott Richmond new  

Review: Fishpond Swiveling Retractor Tool retractors--"zingers"--are useful device . . . until they fall off. Fishpond has a slick zinger that grips firmly and rotates. Very useful! By Scott Richmond 

Thanks to the Birds! Uncle Fuzzy goes to the Deschutes and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat by watching a few small birds. By Scott Richmond 

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