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Improvements to Daily Email, Selected Waters

Westfly's Daily Email service has been improved. Also, the Selected Waters feature has been repaired. by Scott Richmond.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Frugal Fly Anglers

Gifts FROM tyers, gifts FOR tiers, gifts for kids--here are a fly box full of ideas that won't cost you much at all. by Jeff Morgan.

Review: Leatherman Style CS Multitool

Uncle Fuzzy is not a fan of gadgets, especially those that try to do lots of things at once. However, there are exceptions, like this one. He won't leave home without it! reviewed by Scott Richmond.


Fly of the Week

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fishing fly of the week

Marabou. Fluffy and wavy, Marabous have a presence in the water that some steelhead can't resist. When fly fishing for steelhead in late winter, it's a good choice and an easy tie.


Food of the Month

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Blue-winged Olive.  As rivers warm up with the approach of spring, blue-winged olives become active and the nymphs begin to drift in the current--and trout begin to eat them. If you're fly fishing in the Northwest, you need the nymphs now. Rocky Mountain anglers--wait u

idaho fly fishing
  1. February Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. February Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. February Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. February Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions

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  1. Fishing along rte.2
  1. Hot Board Topics

  1. Winter Reports
  2. Huge props to mark at Korkers Customer Service!!
  3. River changes....
  4. PIT Tag Tracking System
  5. Hip boots
  1. Hot Board Topics

  1. Bull Creek / Satus Creek area
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  1. Fly Fishing EXPO 2015 Saturday, February 28
  2. Jeff Morgan: The Oddballs Wednesday, March 11

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