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Review: Fishing Mount Hood Country

For many Oregon-based Westflyers, Mount Hood is practically in their backyard. This book will help them explore the fly fishing options. reviewed by Scott Richmond.

Guest Review: Challenge of the Trout

Duane Dunham reviews Gary LaFontaine's 1983 classic, Challenge of the Trout. Has anyone written a better book since then? reviewed by Duane Dunham.

John Day River Smallmouth Bass

Oregon's John Day River is famous for its smallmouth bass fishing. Learn when to go, where to go, and how to catch these feisty fish. Scott Richmond interviews pro guide Marty Sheppard of Little Creek Outfitters. Late spring/early summer is prime tim by Scott Richmond.


Fly of the Week

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fishing fly of the week

Callibaetis Cripple. Who would have thought this pattern would be so effective? Anyone who's actually tried it!


Food of the Month

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Salmonfly.  Adored by anglers and hungry trout, salmonflies are the Big Mac of the river. Supersize your flies?

idaho fly fishing
  1. June Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. June Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. June Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. June Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions

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