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Westfly Helps Preserve N. Santiam Fish Habitat

In 2012, Westfly made a donation to the Western Rivers Conservancy to help purchase farmland that was about to become a gravel mine. Instead it will be a key part of wild steelhead and salmon recovery for the Willamette basin. Video. by Scott Richmond.

Dry Fly Steelheading on the North Umpqua

Want to skate dry flies for steelhead on the North Umpqua? Learn how to do it--along with other North Umpqua tips--from this interview with fly fishing guide Dean Finnerty! MP3 audio. by Scott Richmond.

Is the Deschutes River in Danger? Yes!

The Deschutes River may be in trouble--big trouble, beyond anything you can imagine. Dave Moskowitz, head of the Deschutes River Alliance, describes the threat and what's being done. by Scott Richmond.


Fly of the Week

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fishing fly of the week

Parachute Ant. Fly fishing a lake surrounded by pine trees on a windy day? Try one of these! It may solve that "mystery hatch" that's baffling you.


Food of the Month

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Pale Morning Dun.  The second most important mayfly in the West, pale morning duns produce intense hatches and selective feeding in backeddies, moderate runs, and spring creeks. If you're fly fishing those places, you need to know about these little guys!

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  1. July Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. July Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. July Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. July Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions

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