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Can the Deschutes Be Saved?

The Deschutes River is the crown jewel of Oregon fly fishing and river recreation. The river's native fish--and wildlife and river-based businesses and communities--are threatened by a change in how the river is managed. What is being done to ensure the river's survival? Scott Richmond interviews Greg McMillan and Rick Hafele of the Deschutes River Alliance. MP3 audio, 14:45. by Scott Richmond.

A Simple Tip for Catching More and Bigger Trout

Who wants to catch more and bigger trout? We all do! Here a simple way to improve your catch. by Scott Richmond.

The Next Generation

Who will care for and manage the fish and watersheds of the future? The children of today! Mia Shepherd talks to Westfly about how to introduce the next generation to the outdoors. Audio, 6:30. by Scott Richmond.

A Tale of Two Fish

Two fish: one big and strong, the other small and deformed. Which one deserves respect? MP3 audio, 4:39. by Scott Richmond.


Fly of the Week

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fishing fly of the week

Comparadun. Easy to tie, the Comparadun can be adapted to imitate nearly any mayfly. The lack of hackle makes it very effective on slow, clear water.


Food of the Month

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Pale Evening Dun.  A major spring hatch, these mid-sized clinger mayflies are very important to anyone who is fly fishing a river.

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  1. May Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. May Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions
  1. May Fly Fishing Forecast
  2. Current Conditions

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