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Skwala Stonefly

Scientific Names: genus Skwala

Common Names: Skwala, spring stonefly


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NYMPH SIZE: 16-22 mm

NYMPH COLOR: Mottled dark brown

ADULT SIZE: 18-22 mm

ADULT COLOR: Drab brown-olive body and head with yellow markings; dark wing.


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About Skwalas

Western fly anglers have only just recently awaked to the presence of this early-season hatch of large stoneflies. This is neither a prolific nor widespread hatch, but it provides some excitement at the end of a long winter, especially for anglers who have just endured a long, cold winter. There are significant hatches on the Yakima River in Washington, and on Montana's Bitterroot.

Skwala stoneflies are similar to salmonflies in appearance and habitat. They are from different biological families, however: the Skwalas are kin of the little yellow stoneflies. Skawlas are also smaller than salmonflies, and they hatch as early as March.

Flies and tactics are virtually the same as for salmonflies, with some adjustment for the Skawla's slightly smaller size. The articles below provide a reasonable guide to patterns and tactics.

Articles About Skwalas

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While the articles below are for salmonflies, they provide a reasonable guide to Skwala patterns and tactics once you adjust for the Skawla's slightly smaller size and drab colors.

Motion Flies In fly patterns as in politics, illusion can trump reality. Jeff Morgan

Last-Minute Stones Salmonfly/golden stone season is upon us. How's your fly box? Try putting these three patterns in there! Jeff Morgan

Salmonfly Nymphs Salmonfly nymphs are a the Big Mac of the river, an irrestible morsel for trout. Spring and fall are the best times to cast their imitations. Mike Schoby

Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch Adored by anglers and trout, salmonflies are the big bug of the river. But many anglers don't approach the fish and the "hatch" as they should--and loose fish they shouldn't. Scott Richmond


Nymph. (photo © 2006 Arlen Thomason. Used by permission.)


Adult. (photo © 2006 Arlen Thomason. Used by permission.)

Matching Skwalas

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A. P. Nymph, Brooks Stone, Kaufmanns Stonefly, Rubber Legs

6-10/Dark brown

Indicator, Tight line

Riffles, runs over rocky bottoms; just below these


Stimulator, Clarks Stonefly, MacSalmon, Sofa Pillow

6-10/Body: Brown-olive; wing: Brown

Standard dry fly

Bankwater near foilage

Matching McKenzie Caddis

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