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Black Beetle Dry Fly

HOOK: 1X Fine wire, Standard shank, Turned-Down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent; sizes 6-18


OVERBODY: Black closed-cell foam

UNDERBODY: Black thread or peacock herl

LEGS: Black rubber, tinsel, or similar material.

INDICATOR: Flourescent orange egg yarn or similar material


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This fly represents a terrestrial beetle that is blown or falls onto the water. In the natural world, this is an event that happens often enough that trout recognize struggling beetles and regard them as a tasty treat. The fly is useful in lakes as well as rivers.

How to Fish

Because beetles are often found near brushy shores, a good strategy is to cast onto the shore, then pull the fly into the water. Or let it bounce off the grass and plop onto the water. An audible landing can direct the attention of the trout. Let the fly drift naturally, but give it an occasional small twitch so it looks like a struggling insect.

Tying notes

Lay down a thread base, then tie the foam in at the tail. Make the underbody and tie in the legs. Then pull the foam over the top and tie off at the hook eye. Tie on the indicator (any color will do); this will pinch in the foam and form the head (note the proportions; the head is small, the body is fat). Trim the legs to the desired length. The color of the indicator is not important.

Fly Views

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side view

Side View

top view

Bottom View

front view

Front View

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