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Ladybird Beetle

Created by Jeff Morgan

HOOK: Dai Riki 310, size 18-20


BODY: Black Haretron dubbing

BACK: Red closed-cell foam (orange is optional)

LEGS: Three black deer hairs or three pieces of black Krystalflash. Tied across and cut short

HEAD: One of two turns of black Haretron dubbing

SPOTS (OPTIONAL): Black ultra-point permanent marker

  Ladybird beetle


Imitates ladybug beetles. Trout take beetles more often than they take grasshoppers, yet few anglers carry imitations. The small and large patterns are rarely found in fly shops, and they can be vary effective.

How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.

Tying Instructions

1. Start thread and tie in red foam strip

2. Dub sparse body of black dubbing

3. Fold foam over back. Tie off and trim

4. Tie in three black deer hairs perpendicular to hook. Secure with figure 8 wraps, and trim.

5. Add one wrap of black dubbing for head.

6. Whip-finish and trim thread. With a fine black permanent marker, place 4-8 dots on back of fly (optional)

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