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Light Cahill

HOOK: 900BL, sizes 12-20

THREAD: Pale Yellow

WING: Mallard flank dyed wooduck, tied upright and divided in traditional Catskill dry fly fashion

TAIL: Hackle fibers to match body

BODY: Ginger or cream Superfine

HACKLE: To match body

  light cahill


In size 18, the Light Cahill is useful for hatches of pale morning duns. In size 16, it can imitate the Red Quill mayfly that is sometimes encountered in spring.

This is a traditional, Catskill-style dry fly. While it still catches fish, I prefer a parachute-style fly or a Sparkle Dun for PMD hatches on slow, clear water.


A Parachute Cahill is tied with a white calftail wing-post, around which the hackle is wrapped parachute-style. Parachute flies ride lower in the water and are more realistic.

How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.

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