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No Hackle, PMD

HOOK: TMC 100, sizes 16-20

THREAD: Yellow

TAIL: Light dun hackle fibers

BODY: Pale yellow Superfine

WING: Medium gray mallard quill

  no hackle


Imitates an adult pale morning dun mayfly. No Hackles are great spring creek flies. Anytime the water is slow and clear, and the trout are fussy beond belief, a No Hackle will match the hatch better than any other fly. One drawback: after a couple of trout have ingested it, the wings become shredded and the fly loses its effectiveness.


Vary the hook size and body color to match blue-winged olives and other small mayflies.

flyMatchHow to match other mayfly duns

How to Fish

Dress the body with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations. In situations that require a No Hackle, a downstream presentation is usually needed.

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