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Big Horn Scud

HOOK: Dai Riki 135, sizes 12-14


TAIL: Orange or pink marabou

BODY: Orange or pink rabbit fur or synthetic dubbing. Pick out the dubbing to represent legs.

RIB: Orange or pink thread, to match body

SHELLBACK: Pearlescent mylar

  big horn scud


Scuds are shrimp-like fresh-water crustaceans. They can occur in huge numbers in lakes and in slackwater sections of rivers. When present, they offer trout a delicious morsel that is hard to resist.

This pattern represents a dead or spawning scud in a river. Since dead scuds don't swim very well, this would not seem to be a good lake pattern. However, author and fly tyer Jeff Morgan has heard reports of lake-dwelling brook trout slamming the bejabbers out of the fly during their spawning season.

How to Fish

In rivers, present the fly with the shallow nymph or wet fly swing presentations; remember, scuds are present in weedy, slow-water stretches. In lakes, use an intermediate line and a slow retrieve.

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