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CDC Caddis Emerger, Olive

HOOK: TMC 100, sizes 14-20

THREAD: Dark olive

TAIL: Olive Z-lon

RIB: Fine wire or black monocord

ABDOMEN: Olive Antron or Z-lon

LEGS: Partridge

WING: Brown Z-lon under, dun CDC on top.

ANTENNAE: Woodduck mallard flank

HEAD: Brown Antron

  cdc caddis emerger


Imitates a caddis pupa that is about to emerge into an adult.


Vary the color and hook size to match other caddis species.

flyMatchHow to match different caddis species

How to Fish

Use a floating line and a wet fly swing, or allow the fly to dead drift near the surface (shallow nymph presentation).

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