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Chan's Chironomid

Created by Brian Chan

HOOK: 2457, sizes 16-22

THREAD: To match body

TAIL: White poly yarn

RIBBING: Fine silver tinsel

BODY: Thread

WINGCASE: Pheasant tail fibers

THORAX: Peacock herl

HEAD GILLS: White poly yarn

  chans chironomid


Imitates the pupa of a chironomid (midge). Although midges are usually associated with lake fishing, hatches are also common in many rivers. That "mystery" hatch you've experienced at dusk on your favorite river may be a midge hatch.


Vary the hook size and body color to match the natural insects. Common body colors are: black, gray, gray-olive, red, tan, dark brown.

How to Fish

In lakes, use the static midge, deep midge, or slow retrieve presentations. On rivers, use the shallow nymph presentation.

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