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#557029 - 04/04/09 08:59 PM Get ready for grannoms galore
As usual, the little grannom (Mothers Day) caddisflies have made their appearance on the first relatively warm, sunny day in April. There were fair numbers out on the river today. Water temperature was the highest I've measured yet this year at 45 degrees. Last year, the grannoms first appeared locally on April 1, a sunny day when air temps were in the low 50's and water temperature was 45-46. With lots of sun and air temps near 70 predicted for the next few days, look for the superhatches when bugs carpet the water. And lots of unabashed bug porn.

Competing with the incredible numbers of real bugs can be frustrating, but size 14-16 soft hackles have been good producers for me during this hatch.

#557030 - 04/04/09 09:10 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: Arlen]
awsome pics. i was just tying up a few of these little guys the other day.

#557041 - 04/04/09 10:12 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: angryangler]
They were showing today in moderate numbers...started around noon and pretty thick by 5pm. I had 45 in the morning warming to 48 at takeout. Lotsa folks on the river today.

#557042 - 04/04/09 10:12 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: angryangler]
$tevie B*
Arlen are fishing tomorrow??

Was thinking mudslide launch.

#557055 - 04/04/09 11:52 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: $tevie B*]
ohhhh I love this hatch...hit it on the Yakima and couldn't believe the epic scale of this hatch and the river was blanketed from bank to bank. Fish were taking sub surface, though it looked as though fish were sipping from the surface as they do when taking fast swimming emergers. Switched to a peacock and gray soft hackle and hooked 24 and landed 18 in just over an hour in one spot.

#557059 - 04/05/09 02:00 AM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: fly∂]
flyD, do you have any patterns you're partial to for this hatch? fyi, your MB softhackle fooled a couple cutties today. you should come down and fish with us south valley heathens sometime.
www.mckenzietroutstudy.org :: Lower McKenzie Wild Trout Population Study

#557069 - 04/05/09 10:23 AM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: santiamflyguy™]
I'm certainly no expert on patterns, but having experienced a blizzard hatch of these guys last year, I think a cripple/emerger pattern would work better than an adult. I had fish literally push my fly aside to get to naturals during that hatch last year. Something like THIS might do the trick.

Ralph Cutter says in his book that about 5 percent of caddis get stuck in their shucks. Arlen might have more on this, but 5 percent of a million is a heck of a lot of bugs.

Just my .02,


Edited by NWFloridian (04/05/09 10:25 AM)

#557079 - 04/05/09 12:16 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: NWFloridian]
Really mess them up and fish a ant! this has worked well for me in the past!


#557091 - 04/05/09 04:56 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: Crawbugger]
Finally a hatch that you can count on in the valley.
Fear the beard!

#557102 - 04/05/09 09:07 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: Crawbugger]
Rob is on to something.

Art work: http://wjmarshall.weebly.com
and: http://caddisman.deviantart.com

#557104 - 04/05/09 09:53 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: Caddisman]
A friend and I spent a very nice couple hours on the Mckenzie this afternoon, within the Springfield city limits, and each netted a couple 11-12 inch natives on size 16 EHC with a little green to them. I left my dollar store butterfly net in the car, but the one I caught in my fist, while a little mangled, appeared to have a grey body, maybe a little olive, and a brighter green egg sack. No blizzard hatch, but enough for occasional rises. Fishing cooled after a courteous but purposeful advance of a powerful North boat turned out to be the local enforcement fellows checking our licenses. I was glad to see them out there keeping the poaching down. Nice afternoon. Sorry no pics, camera apparently needs new batteries (the rechargeables have stopped recharging).

Steelhead Flies

#557109 - 04/05/09 10:40 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: mlwebb]
$tevie B*
Hi Michael,

Arlen and I floated the Mac today too and saw some grannoms and a short intense MB hatch. A few fish rising led to one aggresive take by a nice redside.

Also saw a big red sled being quite inappropriate. It was not the "fuzz". Not often we are bothered by jet boats on the McKenzie. Their wake washed over us and seemed to put down the rising fish...bummer.

A great day for a sunburn, and we can all look forward to increasing caddis action.

Thanks for the report, Stevie

#557113 - 04/05/09 11:19 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: Caddisman]
I ran into a mess of those today on the lower river. The cutts were in hot pursuit of a brown soft hackle in the hour I was on the water. Sweet!


#557115 - 04/05/09 11:29 PM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: Driftboat]
I think "the fuzz" were looking for the big red sled. They went by a couple times with the binoculars out.

Will have to give the soft hackles a try also.

Steelhead Flies

#557118 - 04/06/09 12:13 AM Re: Get ready for grannoms galore [Re: mlwebb]
Speaking of sleds and/or the lower river, please make sure to be ready to launch when you back your boat down the ramp. There's plenty of room in the parking lots to rig up, organize things, etc.

Although I was not in a huge hurry yesterday, it was a bit annoying to have to wait 20-30 minutes to launch while a few guys putzed around with their little 14'er on the ramp.

The guy in the white North River who launched just before them managed to get a much bigger sled into the river and clear of the ramp in about 2 minutes. He was also courteous enough to give our drifter a wide berth as he was scooting up and down the river. Well done!

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