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#598513 - 02/22/10 10:32 AM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: Huck]
(1) Fly Formerly Known as Prince
(2) Golden Stone
(3) PT
(4) Poor Man's Copper John, Brown or Red (thread body instead of wire, suuuper easy)

that's it.

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#598522 - 02/22/10 12:22 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: ~JZ~]
1) Gnarly caddis larva
2) K-Stone
3) Prince
4) Hares Ear
5) Egg patterns

I usually just use the first and last of these when nymphing these days. After seeing 2 trout rise yesterday I am very eager to get started on casting some dries. Enough of this weighted nonsense.
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#598541 - 02/22/10 04:02 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: Jonny]
Cake Fly and its variants:
-Chocolate (tied with mink or brown hare's mask)
-Lemon (yellow thread)
-Pound (this one's weighted)
-Carrot (orange thread)
-Angel (winged)
-Cup Cake with Icing (size 14 and under, with flashback)

Bill (sorry, guess that's more than 5)
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#598576 - 02/22/10 07:55 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: Caddisman]
Mr. Muddler
I have noticed that a lot of people are throwing the green rock worm out there, I personally have spent very little time with this fly at the end of my line. When is it used most, is this a pattern best suited for spring time?

#598588 - 02/22/10 09:37 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: Mr. Muddler]
Well, this is a fairly easy list for me. I tend to stick to the same patterns underwater.

-Big honkin black stone (or girdle bug)
-Hares Ear
-Sparkle Pupa
-Wooley Bugger olive/black
-Pheasant Tail

Bill, I have been playing with some Cake recently, gotta say that pattern is really versatile. It would be #7 on my list, could go higher though because you just gave me some great new ideas. How about some Red Velvet Cake?
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#598606 - 02/23/10 08:00 AM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: Mr. Muddler]
Mr. Muddler -

mostly I use a dry line, about 6-7 foot leader to a black stonefly nymph, then about 18-24 inches of leader off from the hook bend - tie on a green rock worm. er, Forgot the lilCorky toothpick pegged strike indicator 3-5 feet above the black stone nymph.

During the salmonfly hatch, a green rock worm dropper off the hook bend of a dry stonefly pattern can work very well. Stonefly dry kinda like a strike indicator.

And thanks to you, I have tied up a few various muddlers to use for both springtime trout and fall steelhead on the Deschutes.

#598713 - 02/23/10 09:39 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: duckfly]
One more I almost forgot:
Twist nymph otherwise known as the Double Magic invented by Gary Lafontaine. Wow, does it work!
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#598818 - 02/24/10 06:47 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: FishonDon]
Mr. Muddler
I tied various copper john colors and sizes today and will test tomorrow on the local toutskies.

#598819 - 02/24/10 06:54 PM Re: Your Top 5 Nymphs... Whats in your box? [Re: Mr. Muddler]
I fish a lot of green rock worms under dry droppers in the summer. Fish other than trout like them too.
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