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#641015 - 01/19/11 07:48 PM Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY: 3 posts)
SO, a little background. I was introduced to fly fishing about 8 years ago by my graduate school mentor. Fast forward 7 years, i am finished with the degree and doc calls and send pics of this place called Jurassic Lake. Now we had talked about it before, kinda in jest, then he steps up and goes. Anyway, stories of sight fishing 20lb trout in a huge lake. Basically bone fishing for big freaking trout.

How much I ask.
I wish I hadn't.
Fast forward one more year and a krap load of wife begging.
I am stepping on a plane in San Jose on 12/1/10 to fly to Houston, Buenos Aires, then El Calafate. (keep in mind, my sons one year birthday is on 12/2/10!)

Land in Houston, meet up with Doc and the other 6 people going on the trip and have a few drinks and dinner. Board the plane to BA, I upgraded to an extra leg room seat (great idea) ordered 4 single malt Balvenie's. took a anxiety pill and was out like a light.

Next thing I know I am in BA.

We go to get the boarding passes to our plane from BA to El Calafate. I am third in line.

her - "no reservacion"
me - "si, reservacion, confirmacion."
her - "no reservacion"
me - ....this continues for about 5 minutes. apparently when you get a confrimation number and email and all the like, somtime they still charge you adn dont give you a seat.

WTF, I run to the ticket counter and ask for a ticket to el calafate. None available until later that day. Not a problem, we had a one day lay over there anyway before the drive in. I ask for standby. She gives it to me and run off.

I am in line and am able to get on the flight with the group for 560 bucks.

x2. (remember I already paid)

then I notice I fly into BA on the way back after my flight to houston leaves. NO BUENO!

I run all the damn way back and ask for the earlier flight.

her - "no, no seats"
me - "por favor por favor por favor"
her - "no"
me - "80 pesos"
her - "no)
me - "125 pesos"
her - " hmmmm, still no"
me - "150 pesos"
her - "ahh, a seat"

wheh, and only 35 bucks or so poorer.

We get to El Calafate and have a day to drink, shop, relax, BS, smoke cigars, drink, etc...., and now...

on 12/4 the bus to the lodge, Laguna Verde, picks us up. We are off for a 6 - 8 hour ride that isn't too bad until the last 6 hours of it, then it is hell. No, really, it is the last 4 hours. And it wouldn't even be that bad but god damn the argentinians drive like freaking race car drivers in buses. I think I pooped.


Ok, we get to the lodge, it is windy as hell. We fish the local laguna the first night and eat and drink WAY too much. Good argentinian Malbec. YUM.

Anyway, On with the pics. the lake was slow. I only sight fished to one fish, I was the only one in the group to sight fish to a lake fish and get it to eat. it was windy as hell. Like blow yer arse over into the water, happened at least twice to all of us windy.

fishing in the river felt like cheating. you see HUGE trout, stalk them, cast to them and they eat. The river is small, like crooked river size small with a bit higher gradient.

I chose to fish almost solely dries in the river. If the fished missed, you could literally hear their jaws chomp on air they are that big, they would sprint down river and try to eat the SOB again, often times with a vengeance.

Oh, and sags, just for the record, there is no such thing as sipping a mouse. They freaking annihilate it. Like an orca eating a small seal.

alright onto the pics. From meals, to cigars, to fish, to wind, to dead fish we used for caviar on the last night.

IMGP0721 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0729 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0734 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0757 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0758 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0761 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0769 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

Edited by loganmike (01/19/11 10:38 PM)
"Not unless round's funny."

"El Dudarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing, man."

#641017 - 01/19/11 07:54 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (will be very pic heavy) [Re: loganmike]
There had better be big silver fish slurping mice. Can you deliver? Please?
Wanna see it untame itself and break its owner...

#641019 - 01/19/11 08:08 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (will be very pic heavy) [Re: sĒgs]
Yes, oh yes!
"Not unless round's funny."

"El Dudarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing, man."

#641024 - 01/19/11 09:08 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (will be very pic heavy) [Re: loganmike]
I hate you Mike!!! you are a damn b@stard!!!
rule #23: If it looks fishy, fish the f*ck out of it.

#641027 - 01/19/11 09:17 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (will be very pic heavy) [Re: Clarkman]

come on bro.....lets see the goods

#641036 - 01/19/11 09:45 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (will be very pic heavy) [Re: michael]
Pics or it didn't happen.

#641038 - 01/19/11 09:48 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (will be very pic heavy) [Re: loganmike]

IMGP0776 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0781 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0789 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0804 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0808 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0748 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0822 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0825 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0831 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0844 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

Edited by loganmike (01/19/11 10:32 PM)
"Not unless round's funny."

"El Dudarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing, man."

#641049 - 01/19/11 10:38 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: loganmike]

IMGP0853 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0868 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0870 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0882 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0894 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0896 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0914 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0915 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0925 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

IMGP0928 by mike_edgehouse, on Flickr

That is the majority of the trip. You can see the fly that caught all of the lake fish. BTW, superglue the strip down was key, you can see Doc's biggest fish of the trip, the snow storm. the proscioutto, the caviar and smoked trout from the dead fish the pic prior. My pig from the lake.

Each one of those pics has a story, much to much to write. better to tell over a beer or a 4.

Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime. When asked if i would go back after we had left the lake. I replied no. Honestly, lake fishing isn't my thing. It really felt like you were cheating there were so many big fish. But now a month removed. and a month reflected. HELL YES. The landscape was amazing, if you would wander 500 yards from the estancia or the lake prior to dropping down into the crater, you may still be wandering out there. It is the most barren place I have ever been. And I have visited some pretty dismal biomes!

I met great friends, I will see them again, next year on a BC fishing trip for chrome faces, in eastern canada for 5 lb brookies. And very fortunate to have shared this trip with my graduate mentor, fly fishing mentor, and friend, Doc.

hope you enjoyed. I can write more, but the pics are better.

"Not unless round's funny."

"El Dudarino if you're not into the whole brevity thing, man."

#641051 - 01/19/11 10:49 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: loganmike]
hell. yes.
Thank you Scott.

#641052 - 01/19/11 10:58 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: loganmike]
Great Pictures - thanks for sharing!

That lake is listed as my "if I would win the lottery" dream.

Never see many toon boats or watercraft on the water? Most of the fishing is done from shore? Probably too windy and dangerous.


#641055 - 01/19/11 11:25 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: Peach]

In the words of Capt. Kirk "It Was Fun."

You could live your life for fish like that, even if it was only one.

Great report.. Outstanding!!!!
Westfly is back, reports ROCK!!!!

#641057 - 01/19/11 11:34 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: Mckenzieguy]
WOW! freakin awesome! what a great adventure.

saw a show on outdoor channel at Jurassic, and thought, i wanna go there. thanks for sharing.

#641063 - 01/19/11 11:58 PM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: pigs]
Mr. Chin
Sah-Weet! Doesn't sound like you had to worry too much about getting a dead-drift. Just get it near them and hold on! So many places to dream about.....
“Pulling line out to blind-cast is noise; pulling line out with a rising trout in sight is music.” Mr. Chin
http://chincurrents.wordpress.com/ -- Fishing Blog
http://www.withoutrain.com/ -- The Book

#641075 - 01/20/11 08:14 AM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: Mr. Chin]
TB Wannabe
That was fantastic! I don't think I could sleep for a week after that, just reliving it all.

#641082 - 01/20/11 09:42 AM Re: Jurassic Lake report (UPDATE!! PIC HEAVY) [Re: TB Wannabe]
Uncle Fuzzy
aka Scott Richmond
aka Scott Richmond

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