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#704809 - 08/28/12 09:12 PM 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod...
Patrick Kollodge
...is local fly fishing guide Travis Johnson.
Results from Norway.

#704811 - 08/28/12 09:27 PM Re: 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod... [Re: Patrick Kollodge]
Thats pretty cool. Plus he ties the Lady Gaga!!!!!!

#704827 - 08/29/12 06:28 AM Re: 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod... [Re: dbpeirce]
Uncle Fuzzy
aka Scott Richmond
I see Steve Rajeff on the list. So of the top three US finishers, two were from the NW. Maybe all three, actually.

Lots of Scandinavians in there. Does that say something about underhanded, Scandi style casting?

Edited by Uncle Fuzzy (08/29/12 06:28 AM)
aka Scott Richmond

#704831 - 08/29/12 07:14 AM Re: 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod... [Re: Uncle Fuzzy]
Good news, I think......Congrats to Travis Johnson.

#704849 - 08/29/12 11:06 AM Re: 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod... [Re: peterjones]
What do the results mean? Are these distances in meters? Or points Or something else altogether? It looks as if it might be in meters because the results are only in the 50's from both left and right. And 150 feet=/- sounds about right for a good spey cast.
Tight Lines--DWFII

#705044 - 08/31/12 08:04 PM Re: 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod... [Re: DWFII]
rob allen
It's too bad that more American casters could not attend.. There would be at LEAST 2 more Americans in the top ten

#705123 - 09/02/12 09:26 AM Re: 2012 World Champion Spey Caster, 15' 1" rod... [Re: rob allen]
Yesterday I swung into The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches.

Travis was working and Darcy, a pretty awesome photographer who also happens to have a serious spey game, was in there talking about his trip last week to the Dean.

I probably hung out there for 2 hours. Most awesome Fly Shop Bullsheet session ever. If we could have tapped a Keg in there, it would have been perfect.
"Good things come to those who wade" Joe Simms



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