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#705916 - 09/12/12 09:55 PM Parasite cause of Whitefish Deaths
Preliminary results indicate Tetracapuloides bryosalmonae.
PKD Proliferated Kidney disease. The rare parasite has not been documented in Idaho wild fish before although it is reported in wild and hatchery trout and salmon in North America and europe.
This may be the first time it has been detected in any whitefish species. The parasite is not well understood but involves a freshwater sponge as well as the fish. Transmission and disease signs elavate in higher water temps common this season. No known risk to humans or other animals.Not currently known the extent or level of outbreak on mountain whitefish species. Or if the parasite will likely affect other species such as trout.
Currently appears that only whitefish have been affected. Not known why only younger fish have been killed or if this is the first outbreak that has occurred. Scientific data indicates that fish that survive an intial infection develop a strong immunity to the parasite.Structured sampling will provide insight as to how extensive the kill has been on the South fork of the snake, Henry's Fork and surrounding fisheries.

Edited by aerialmender (09/12/12 09:57 PM)
You never get a second chance to make a first presentation

#705917 - 09/12/12 10:04 PM Re: Parasite cause of Whitefish Deaths [Re: aerialmender]
Ed wasn't wearing his condom.

#705925 - 09/13/12 07:16 AM Re: Parasite cause of Whitefish Deaths [Re: Mel-S]
He needs to get rid of those breatheables. And go back to his good ole rubber waders.
You never get a second chance to make a first presentation

#705930 - 09/13/12 09:52 AM Re: Parasite cause of Whitefish Deaths [Re: aerialmender]
whitefish ed
so yous guys think i should whip out my seal dris ive had in storage for years?? i have a pair of red balls too. yeah..not blue...Red...you convoludes..
Whitefish Unlimited - Freshwater Bonefish Forever!!!

#705991 - 09/14/12 07:57 AM Re: Parasite cause of Whitefish Deaths [Re: whitefish ed]
Wonder if this has anything to do with the decrease in whities on the Madison (the parasite, not Ed's choice of waders)?

#705993 - 09/14/12 09:00 AM Re: Parasite cause of Whitefish Deaths [Re: ScottP]
Just spent a couple days @ raynolds and didnt see one.

On a seperate issue fish size is down as well there and at many fisheries. Even ol Bill has not caught any big fish @ Henrys pond.
Spring creeks still seem to be holding big fish. As I have moved some moes from the ranch, the creek and the Mo. But I have fished far and wide this year. It's been weird. Hatches have been little strange too.
You never get a second chance to make a first presentation


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