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#717352 - 03/26/13 09:39 AM Flyfish San Antonio!
I don’t think that logo will ever make it to a T-shirt. But, I can attest that it is doable. Tough, but doable. A drive south and southeast down 181 and 239, a couple 10 mile left and right jags right at the ocean, and you are in Seadrift Texas. About 2 h 30 min one-way. We got there and stayed in the Reel Time Motel- 6 rooms in a row, with a snow cone and party favor shop right in the middle. We arrived a little late, so they put the key under the matt before they left...

Got up the next morning and met Jack Campbell, a guide down there (skinnywaterflyfishing.com/), who agreed to take us on a one hour boat ride and push us around with a stick for about six more hours. The ride was awesome. We covered probably 30 miles of water that I don’t think was deeper than 8 feet and most often was three feet or so. Saw bottlenose dolphin up close, and lots of different birds.

I used this trip to break in my Westfly hat. Even with that powerful force sitting right on my head, I remain cursed when trying to catch redfish (and stripers, by the way). This is a longstanding taint, administered for some cruelty I must have laid on somebody, and am still paying for. The first trip I planned was scheduled two weeks after Katrina, and that didn’t come off, for reasons outside of anyone’s control. Then I went back to New Orleans last year and got skunked. On the trip this week, the weather didn’t cooperate- pretty windy and cloudy (weather.com said it would be perfect until the day before we fished, by the way), and it was real tricky to spot them before they spooked. You probably need a bit more genuine casting skill than I have under the conditions that we fished. For example, when the guide says “redfish at 10 o’clock, 50 feet”, and the wind is blowing from the left, and you are left-handed, you really want to try the cast if only to drive the hook into the poor guy’s backside. We did see a pile of redfish, and I got one- a little one- my very first. But it was tough.

Even though I have had a very poor success rate for these beasts, I will say I would do this every day I possibly could if given the chance.

It is awesome boating through the shallows and working to spot fish.

(Carp fishing is quite similar, by the way.) Redfish are beautiful creatures, and you will have a shot at a few other fish as well. If I had to make a recommendation for a one-day trip, I would suggest going to New Orleans instead of South Texas, and I would go in the Fall. The New Orleans trip is much easier to work into a business thing in town, as it can basically be done without renting a vehicle, right from a downtown flyshop. And both the guide this year and last year said November was the best month.

But South Texas was an awfully beautiful place as well. If I had a whole week to fish and hang out, I would go back to Seadrift.
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#717373 - 03/26/13 04:41 PM Re: Flyfish San Antonio! [Re: Doublebluff]
Doublebluff -

Nice report! Though I have to admit I was expecting a post on fly-fishing for carp along the Riverwalk from the title!
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#717380 - 03/26/13 05:40 PM Re: Flyfish San Antonio! [Re: chuk'n'duk]
john montana
Redfish are cool...I want to hit New Orleans some day. Great report on TX!

#717384 - 03/26/13 07:07 PM Re: Flyfish San Antonio! [Re: john montana]
Very cool, Redfish can be very tough, never fished for them in Texas, only in Florida.

#717454 - 03/27/13 11:00 PM Re: Flyfish San Antonio! [Re: tlambert]
I had a similiar experience about twenty years ago. I had business in San Antonio. Sitting in my hotel in the evening after the meeting, I looked through the phone book out of boredom and found a flyshop listing. Texas seemed like an unlikely place for flyfishing; so I phoned and asked them. I wound driving to Corpus Christy and wound up going out with a guide named Freddy Lynch in a flats boat on the inside on South Padre island. Cool ecology. I hooked a redfish that was about four/five pounds. It ran much slower than a bonefish or false albicore, but it was much stronger than either of those fish. It was like hooking a slow moving truck!
Freddy Lynch was a Viet Nam war vet and has to be about 65 now. He was fun and had reasonable prices. I googled and think he is still working.
My trip was in December, and it was sunny and 60 degrees. Freddy asked me why so many Seattleites booked him. I told him that it was like an extra day of summer for them.