Notes on "What to Expect"

This is what usually happens during the month. Depending on weather and river conditions, there can be variations in the timing and importance of hatches. Click on bold-face words to learn more about an trout food, presentation, or other detail. Hook sizes are bases on TMC hooks, which may not precisely match hooks from other manufacturers.

"Hatch" is used loosely here, and refers to any stage of insect that trout are taking, and even referring to trout foods that are not insects, such as sculpins. Click on the "hatch" to learn more about that trout food and to find matching fly patterns. The importance of the "hatch" is indicated by the shaded rectangle; the darker the rectangle, the more important the stage. The shaded rectangle is in two-parts, corresponding to the first (left) and second (right) half of the month.

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