What's New

  • Selected 98 flies--39 dry, 36 wet, and 23 steelhead--as "standard". These are proven, productive, widely available patterns. About half are new to Westfly.
  • Revised/created pages for standard flies, showing which hatches they match
  • Revised entomology pages showing which standard flies match the hatch (the converse of the above).
  • Updated flyMatch database to focus on standard flies.
  • Updated hatch charts for 24 Oregon venues.
  • Revised steelhead fly page to reflect four categories of standard steelhead flies.
  • Revised Fishing Report pages so they focus on major hatches and incorporate standard flies.
  • Revised Fishing Report pages to include tips on how to fish major hatches and other key events.

All this was a major undertaking and took about four times as long as I planned. Sorry!

Coming up:

  • Current fishing reports. More than just the "expectations", these will be the latest info on how the fishing has been and what to expect next.
  • Photos of standard flies (new pages have no photos yet). This project will take a while, so be patient!
  • Revisions to Fly pages to reflect standard flies.

Tight lines,
Your Uncle Fuzzy (aka Scott Richmond)

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