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"Steelhead are starting to move up from the Snake," says Joseph Fly Shop. Catch rates have been better in Washington than in Oregon, but that should balance out as fish spread throughout the system. Watch the rier levels; storms can blow out the river pretty fast.


Biologists estimate a steelhead run slightly smaller than last year. However, fish have been slow to move up the Columbia and are not in the 'Ronde in fishable numbers at this time. However, dam counts are improving as the weather and water cool down. So you can expect steelhead, but they will be later than usual.



October Tips


► The Grande Ronde is a one of the most appealing steelhead rivers in the West. Not only does the river flow through a beautiful canyon, but it boasts classic water in which traditional tactics standard summer steelhead swinging flies work well and most runs are obvious to anglers with only modest steelheading experience.

► By now everyone in Washington and Oregon knows about the 'Ronde, so don't expect to be alone.

► October is normally the best month to fish this river. The big question is WHEN in October. Optimum flows are 800-1200 cfs, which should be enough to draw fish in from the Snake. A little rain would help. On the other hand, the Grande Ronde can blow out big time during a storm, and can take several days to drop back to a fishable level.

► A floating line should be sufficient for most of October, and early in the month you might even take some fish on a skater. But if the water temperature dips below 48 degrees think about switching to a sink-tip.

► Make sure you have licenses and tags for both Washington and Oregon; good fishing doesn't stop at the border.

► Once the weather cools off, the best fishing will be between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


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