Umpqua River, North Fork

River Levels

Clearwater River
abv Trap Ck
9 pm 3.34/50 7 30 year
Clearwater River
blw Mowich Ck
9 pm 4.73/54 7 30 year
Fish Ck
abv Slipper Ck
9 pm 4.78/75 7 30 year
Steamboat Creek
nr Glide
9 pm 0.29/44 7 30 year
Little River
near Peel
9 pm 2.36/22 66.9 7 30 year
N Umpqua
abv White Mule Ck
9 pm 2.54/389 ⇑ 7 30 year
N Umpqua
blw Warm Springs Ck
9 pm 6.34/381 ⇑ 7 30 year
N Umpqua
at Tokatee Falls
9 pm 3.38/92 7 30 year
N Umpqua
blw Slide Ck
9 pm 2.49/277 7 30 year
N Umpqua
blw Soda Springs Res
9 pm 3.90/992 ↓ 7 30 year
N. Umpqua
8 pm 5.11/961 53.8 7 30 year
N. Umpqua
Wright Creek
N/A 2.70/814000 7 30 year
N. Umpqua
9 pm 2.27/1090 7 30 year



What to Expect in August

Summer steelhead will be in the river and throughout the fly water, with the numbers dependent on the strength of the run.

Heat is a big factor this month: it often gets over 100 degrees in the Umpqua canyon in August. To beat the heat, start fishing at the crack of dawn (on the river, starting to cast, when you can barely see; watch your step, though). Hit 4-5 runs quickly before it gets hot and the fish get sulky. To avoid crowds, fish Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday; that way you miss the people coming for three-day weekends. During the heat of the day, take a siesta or put on your Polaroids and prowl the banks looking for steelhead you can cast to in the evening.

For more information on August fishing, see the Rivers section of the General Oregon Report

What to expect in 

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NOAA, Accuweather, Weather Channel
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