Crane Prairie Reservoir

What to Expect in August

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August is a touchy month here, as it is in most lakes. Algae blooms can be an issue. Trout will be moving into the old river channels--if they're not there already--as the water warms up and water quality declines.

Midge pupa patterns may be the best bet this month. Watch for hatches of caddis; Crane Prairie often sees emergences of longhorn caddis. Stillwater caddis fishing can be tricky. You can always cast a dry fly, such as an Elk Hair Caddis, and let it sit, hoping a trout will come along and like the looks of it. Another option is a Soft Hackle or Deep Sparkle Pupa; use beadhead versions of these flies or put a tiny split shot on the leader. Use a lift-and-settle presentation.

Woolly Buggers and green leech patterns are always worth casting, especially near dawn or dusk.

As always at Crane Prairie, a slow retrieve is productive, whether you're casting a Woolly Bugger, damselfly nymph, size 16 Pheasant Tail, stickleback imitation, or even a midge pupa.

"When the wind's from the east, the fish bite least." That ancient fishing adage--it was an old saying when Isaac Walton repeated it in the 1663 edition of The Compleat Angler--is especially true at Crane Prairie. The east wind comes with high pressure systems, and it's a very weak wind that leaves this shallow lake glassy smooth. Trout become sulky and reluctant to bite. You may need to go to a very long leader--20 feet--that's tapered to 5X or thinner. This is no fun to cast, but it may be the only thing that saves your bacon when Crane is mirror-smooth. Be patient.

For more information on August fishing, see the Lakes section of the General Oregon Report

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