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What to Expect in August

August is a great month to strap a float tube onto your back and head for the high lakes of the Cascades. There are many lakes within a couple of miles of a trailhead, and you can spend an enjoyable day bobbing in the cool water, listening to the wind in the pines, and admiring the mountain scenery. And catching some nice fish. Check out Fishing in Oregon (the guide book for the whole state) for good destinations. Then check in with the local US Forest Service Ranger Station for trail conditions and to find out when the lakes were stocked. Come prepared with bug juice, but keep the DEET-laden contents away from your fly line; it can destroy the finish and is offensive to fish. Essential flies are Parachute Adams, midge pupa patterns, Griffiths Gnats, and size 10 olive Woolly Buggers.

For more information on August fishing, see the Lakes section of the General Oregon Report

What to expect in