Light Cahill


In size 18, the Light Cahill is useful for hatches of pale morning duns.

This is a traditional, Catskill-style dry fly. While it still catches fish, I prefer a parachute-style fly or a Sparkle Dun for PMD hatches on slow, clear water.


A Parachute Cahill is tied with a white calftail wing-post, around which the hackle is wrapped parachute-style. Parachute flies ride lower in the water and are more realistic.

How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.

HOOK: 900BL, sizes 12-20

THREAD: Pale Yellow

WING: Mallard flank dyed wooduck, tied upright and divided in traditional Catskill dry fly fashion

TAIL: Hackle fibers to match body

BODY: Ginger or cream Superfine

HACKLE: To match body