Parachute Caddis


A useful caddis imitation for slow, clear rivers.


Other caddis can be imitated by using hook sizes and body colors that match the natural insect; see the caddis pages for details. However, caddis rarely need to be matched as closely as, say, mayflies. For most situations, you only need these colors and sizes:

  • Size 12-20, tan body
  • Size 12-18, green body
  • Size 16-18, black body, black or dark wing

How to Fish

Dress with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.



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HOOK: 1X fine wire, standard shank, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent. Sizes 12-18

THREAD: To match body

BODY: Mixed rabbit/antron dubbing to match natural insect

WING: Turkey quill, arranged tent style over body

POST: White calftail

HACKLE: Grizzly, tied parachute style