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Pikeminnow bounty fishing on the fly?

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  • Pikeminnow bounty fishing on the fly?

    Has anyone tried fishing for Northern Pikeminnow on the Columbia, for the cash bounty? I know the top money winners ($70-100K most years!) use bait, fish from boats, and have probably spent years getting it wired. But I'm wondering if it's worth a shot from the bank with flies for a little beer money every now and again. One thing is for sure, they will take flies...


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    Does the bounty go up the lower D? Cuz I was slayin em last fall up at Trout Creek


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      Pigs. You have to register first and then come back with the fish. You could probably get away with it, but you'd have to check in at some check point along the C then fish the D for trout and keep the Pike Minnow by catch. Then drive back and turn them in. I read some article one year where some dudes were raising them in their barn turning them in for bounty.

      I keep telling myself I'm going to get the kids into it. We live just 5 minutes from Marine Drive and I'm sure we could dial in a few holes along the rip rap. I mean $5 or more that's pretty much a pint of beer per fish. Two fish per Marg. Eight fish for a decent bottle of whiskey. And in theory it could save the outgoing smolt that will return as a beast and nail my skater!
      Choices! We have a lot of choices in Oregon.


      • PhilR
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        Raising them in the barn, reminds me of the problems with the cobra bounty program. Folks ended up raising cobras for the bounty, and when those in charge found out, they stopped the program. So, the cobra farmers released them, resulting in even more loose cobras than when they started.

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      The pikeminnow bounty is a fascinating phenomenon from all angles. A few dudes/dudettes really make bank as pikeminnow fisherpeople. It's gotta be a full time job to harvest ~10,000 pikeminnow in a year. Is it all done angling?
      You don't need no gypsy to tell you why,
      You can't let one precious day slip by.


      • pigs
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        Native species that has taken advantage of our "meddling" and now is seen as a scourge

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      It's not even in a's in a spring-fall season!

      I found out yesterday AFTER I made this post that I'm out of a job come summer. So if something doesn't turn up by then, I may just become a full-timer out there on the Columbia!


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        You could always capture a sea lion pup, domesticize it, and train it to fetch Pike Minnow. Have it accidentally grab a salmon for the grill every now and then.

        I have to try it this year. I live like 5 minutes from Broughton Beach, one of the check stations.
        Choices! We have a lot of choices in Oregon.


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          This is true Cabin Fever. Talking about Pike Minnows.
          Choices! We have a lot of choices in Oregon.


          • Clarkman
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            You just want to catch a few and hang them under a big bobber....Jaws style! haha!

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          The "Albertson's Chicken Strip Fly" what really rakes 'em in... just say'n.
          A six pounder on light gear is an absolute surprise!!


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            Your not going to get rich unless you invest in salmon eggs, salmon guts and chicken liver.
            You can catch them on the fly.
            I caught this one below Bonneville Dam.
            The Deschutes is out of bounds for the program.