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    I haven't posted in several years, sort of lost touch with the WF world. Certainly have not stopped fishing, in fact have ramped it up in some ways. Somehow the WF forum just got lost in the shuffle. That said, I don't mean to barge in right in and ask for information, but am hoping to get some ideas about a place to start planning my fishing itinerary.

    I have an RV trip planned to visit the Island for 12 days during the last week in May to 1st week in June. I am just starting my campsite planning (have Ferry scheduled) for campsites for the 12 days. I would like to camp on water as much as possible. We will be traveling east to west and all the way north from Sydney. I am seeking ideas for small lakes where I can deploy my small cat raft using fins or flippers. Trolling/casting doesn't matter.....drys, wets, nymphs OK. We have a medium size 5W, so need campsites that can accommodate, but will unhook and drive to any water. Any of your experience, past trip notes or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    It's been a long time since I've been up there, but here's what I remember:
    ~All the lakes fish pretty good. Concentrate your efforts around the inlets.
    ~When you get off the pavement, watch out for the huge log trucks.
    ~The wind comes up at 11 and dies down around 3.
    ~The campgrounds are really nice.

    Have a great time!


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      There are many websites (first link below has it all) to help get you started, the problem will be choosing, there are so many great spots, how do you choose? I myself would stay away from the larger lakes (Cowichan) or lakes near the population centers (Victoria/Duncan), I would spend most of my effort in areas north of Nanaimo. Not sure what sort of rig you've got, but road access could also be an issue to some of the smaller, less popular spots, so be sure to check that.

      Bring your wet weather gear, May can be a notoriously ugly month up there (except in the Victoria area, has more sunshine than anywhere).

      Have fun (how could you not),



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        Good to know about, inlets, wind conditions and LOG TRUCKS. Had my practice last winter traveling the Baja in the RV.....semis on skinny, no shoulder roads suck! But the good news is that timber is being used instead of burning up....but I digress....
        The websites are perfect, Canuck, much appreciated!
        Freedom, not free stuff.....