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How highs the water Mama?...19' high and risin'

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  • How highs the water Mama?...19' high and risin'

    Been driving by Belingers boat ramp daily..... couple days ago was at the top of the ramp, (just at flood stage) has dropped a couple of feet since, but remains high and fast on the McKenzie! On the positive side, have to believe that gnarly tree blocking entrance to the boat ramp, is miles down stream by now! Aaron Helfrich has some daunting pics on FB if anyone wants to search it out. Said he ran Greenwood to Harvest lane in just over two hours on the 9th. also some pics of the Willamette and Rogue. Can't imagine anyone trying to row in that surge. But if anyone can, He's the man. So amazing, daunting and inspiring to see the river flow at such pace and level.

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    On the FWIW front I went over the hill and back Saturday for my grandson's soccer game and Detroit was actually over-full ( water up in the campground at the top boat ramp) and the NorthFork was really moving both above and below the lakes. Two weeks ago we were over there for a weekend and I would say Detroit was still about 1/3 to 1/4 empty then. There is still a lot of snow at higher elevations and it was snowing on Santiam pass Saturday evening so I don't think we're done with run off for a while yet....


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      Yea Barry, gonna be some major work needed on the ramps. Hendricks will be a cliff jump!

      The whole valley is full, and they are dumping water to make room for the next big surge. Glad to see some nice weather coming this week, but the warm temps will start some snow melt too.
      The Catchin' Ninny