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Tips for upper Upper Deschutes?

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  • Tips for upper Upper Deschutes?

    I've never spent much time fishing the small part of the Deschutes up near Crane and Lava. Not asking for any secret spots, but does anyone have any general tips for me? Flies, techniques, how to read the water?
    Thankee much, Stevie
    PS. PleasePMifpreferred
    The Catchin' Ninny

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    Hi Stevie,

    Moby the Minnow lurks there! Just about any pullout or parking spot will produce Moby. Think small and short runs between downed trees. Don't forget to fish undercut banks. Ant patterns work and insect repellent helps. Try the three pullout between Little Lava and FS40, then the bridge crossing FS40 and the river. There is a trail head parking spot going into Blue Lagoon just below Little Lava, long walk. I was back there several weeks ago, it was logged last year, snow drifts, and the trail needs work.

    The water is gin clear and shallow, If you can see the fish...………..too late, you blew it.

    WV Hoopie,


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      A spin fisher pulled a 12” brookie from under the road 40 bridge yesterday as I was going home from Crane.
      Its a popular spot with a truck or 10 every time I pass by which is quite often.
      Mostly indicator fishers. From the looks of it a guy could lose a lot of flys that way.
      Have fun and nice meeting you the other day.
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        Check you personal messages (no fish in that stream).



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          My tip for the deschutes above craine prarie is "put your fly in the water". Lots of small trout and whitefish who are very eager to take your fly. It's fun, no pressure fishing. Have a good time!


          • DustyGrass
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            It's also a good place to learn how to read water. You'll learn pretty quickly whether a spot holds a fish or not.

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          just a bunch of little guys...far better places for larger fish.


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            Well, you guys are why I love Westfly. Thanks for feedback!
            Your old pal, Stevie
            The Catchin' Ninny


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              I was just there a couple weekends ago. We drove by on the way up to elk lake. Earlier in the morning there were few cars. Later on many more were there and all the pull outs along road had vehicles in them. I fished a couple spots and hooked one smaller rainbow. The river is full of down trees but there are a lot of holding spots for fish. Probably will be up there again in another week. Good luck.


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                In addition to a bee keeper's outfit you may find it necessary to cover that with DEET & wrap your entire self in fly strips...


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                  Just walk along the river and cast to likely holding spots. These are pretty obvious: in front of deadfalls (and under them if you can reach there), deeper runs especially on the outside of bends, undercut banks, etc. A single fly box can be enough: Adams, EHC and sparkle duns for dries; BHPT, beadhead Prince and hare's ears for nymphs. Careful if the river is at all high from runoff; the current in even relatively shallow runs can be stronger than it looks.

                  As Peter said, before late July mosquitoes can be a trial.