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East was disappointing yesterday

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  • East was disappointing yesterday

    Big Calibaetis hatch + great temps = great fishing right? The fish were being ahem..Richards. couple on nymphs and ONE on a dry all day... no refusals either.. fish just weren't keyed in at all.

    Or maybe my fishing mojo is all gone. Probably this....

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    Just hit up Crane. That will replenish anyone's fishing mojo. Seriously fishing is HOT.


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      2 stump hole?

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      Oh you know.

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    Sounds like a good time to break out the stomach pump.


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      Thanks for the report although a bit of a bummer, both for your trip and my upcoming trip in a week. Hopefully they are a little less picky next week.


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        Tough days make the good ones seem even better. If they were all epic-there would be too many people out there fishing. That, and lake fishing can be a difficult puzzle to solve some days.
        Then, when I do catch one on a day like that- I figure it was one of the "stupid" trout, not a normally intelligent one......
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          dragginfly speaks wisely

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        I was there last year during the Rhondi and that Friday night there were no less than 30 tube and boats in a small area all catching nothing. It was eerily glassy for a bit like all the fish had died. I wish I would have traded my rod for my goggles and fins to see what was up. My two cents during those times is I think the fish may key on an exact depth during the midge hatch, and that layer is so dense with food that they're practically filter feeding. They won't move an inch above or below them because the hatch is emerging so uniformly and it's so plentiful at that exact depth.
        Choices! We have a lot of choices in Oregon.