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  • Laurence Lake questions

    I've never been to Laurence lake but want to go next June. Perhaps some of you who have been there would be willing to answer some questions

    1. Heard there is a second boat launch closer to the shallower west end. True?
    2. Seen conflicting info. Can you use electric motors on the lake?
    3. Is the west end (shallower) better in the spring? Is the dam end even worth doing in June?
    4. Since there is no map of campsites available, which sites are closest or right on the water and can you launch pontoon boats from these?
    its a lot to ask and I thank you for any info.

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    #1 No, but it's small lake and if you can carry your boat you can pretty much launch anywhere you like. (You can walk up a nice gravel trail to the west end.
    #2 Motors ok, but there is a speed limit that I cannot recall at the moment.
    #3 It's mostly stockers and I find them to be more in the shallows all year, but I've never really spent much time by the dam.
    #4.Not sure about individual campsites #'s on the lake, but they are all pretty much right on the lake (some along the road) and one can pretty easily launch wherever they please.

    The ramp sometimes gets cramped but only because people are oblivious to those around them and park like morons. Be ready for wind, some days it gets cranking! Especially in the afternoon and its almost always blowing towards the dam.


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      Psh... I use a sail in the afternoon, get my surf on. HEY YO!!!



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        Over at Outdoor project a user has posted a crudely drawn picture of the campground. But I believe it to be accurate.
        The campground name is Kinnikinnick Campground.


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          You guys are great. Thanks so much for all that good info