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D report and bug question

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  • D report and bug question

    Spent a couple days camped on the TC to WS drift this weekend. Hardly anyone was out there which was really good. Caught some decent fish on nymphs including my best of the year so far and some at last light on soft hackles. Spent early mornings and evenings swinging, with no success for me, but my friend hooked one that he got a good look at which came back off and had another fish break him off on the take on 10 lb leader so it was likely a steelie although it could have been a big trout and a bad knot. I hooked one really nice redside swinging and my partner hooked about a 12" bull as well. Also, I had a fingerling attack a purple peril that was as big as he was. It would be up there in the running for the smallest fish I've ever landed, and on a steeelhead fly, at that. Anyway, there are at least a few fish up there already although it's way too early to expect much, I would think. Rumor had it that the tribe is starting to pick up a few. Anyway, second topic, we kept seeing a few stoneflies about the size of a golden but they were a dark brown. Anyone have an ID on these? I don't know much of anything about skwalas but by my limited info it should be way too late for them. Am I wrong there? Also there were a fair number of October caddis out already. That's all I got.

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    Probably a shortwinged stonefly. Nice that the crowds are down.


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      Also referred to as a nocturnal stone; I’ve had some of my best days on the river ever fishing this hatch in Montana. Doug McKnight’s Fat Boy Chernobyl is a great commercially-available pattern for this hatch, but any tannish or brown chubby or large stimmi would probably do in a pinch as well.


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        Thanks guys, I learned something.....