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Douglas County considering selling 18 parks - HELP

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  • Douglas County considering selling 18 parks - HELP

    Hello All,

    I've been silent and away for a long time, but something has come up that hopefully you can help. Douglas County (The Umpqua river watershed) is considering the sale of 18 county parks. In the last few years, they have found they are strapped for cash. They have logged parks, sold parks, and are now looking at selling more parks. At 9am tomorrow morning their parks board will meet to discuss the sale. Please write to the Parks Director and let him know how important parks are to you. Let him know how they provide stream access to sections of rivers and creeks whose banks are mostly tied up in private proprerty. Let him know that access gives Douglas county residents and everyone access to public waterways, a treasure of our state. Let him know that selling public parks is short sighted. That the population is only going to grow, realestate prices will climb and it will be more difficult to acquire property in the future. Let him know if you have used any of these parsk, or fished any of these streams, or if you plan to. Let him know you bring your dollars to the county and you spend them in the county. Thanks for your help. They need to keep those parks.

    Here's my note - Feel free to copy.

    Dear Mr. Houston & Parks Advisory Board,

    I see that tomorrow morning, you will be considering the sale of 18 county parks. I beg you to have a very long investigation into such a drastic measure.

    As a former parks board member in West Linn, I saw our region grow dramatically. The acquisition of new parks land is very difficult when realestate values have climbed. If you think it's tough to maintain parks, consider the funding to acquire new lands. I realize that you may be considering selling these properties to acquire a money making piece of land in Winchester Bay. However, the parks you have identified to consider for sale, cover much wider piece of geography. They provide access to many places that have little public land, or river/stream access. That brings fishermen to the region. It brings kayakers to the region. It provides a great healthy recreation opportunity to the residents of the county.

    You logged a park in the past, out of a knee jerk reaction to funding crisis. Please learn from other parks planning processes around the state. Envision Douglas County with an economic boom and population boom that needs those parks. Picture that you will be lauded for the foresight for riding out the tough budget time, and you kept the parks for future generations.

    Thank you,

    Heather McNeill
    Avid fisherwoman, lover of Douglas County Parks.

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    Isn't Douglas County also closing its public libraries? The budget situation is very sad. No idea how it can be solved, but I think your approach of stressing that parks bring fishermen, kayakers and other folks to the region (where they spend money) is a good one. It would be great if you could quantify that somehow. Maybe a random informal survey of parks users?

    - JR


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      Yes, the wouldn't pass a library district bond, so the county decided to close them.


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        Time to Audit the County!