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Double Header - East Lake/Deschutes

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  • Double Header - East Lake/Deschutes

    Just a quick report from this past weekend; made a trip to East Lake in the morning, and the Lower Deschutes for the evening. Though there was definitely an algae bloom at East Lake, managed to bring a half dozen rainbows to hand, a couple large blackwater trout in the 18"+ range. Most fish were on a small redish chironomid pattern, but got some really nice fish that hammered a callibaetis cripple pattern on top before it got too choppy. For the evening, headed to the lower Deschutes, and even though the river was a little higher and cooler than usual for this time of year, hooked another half dozen redsides, and landed some beefy head-shakers in the 17 to 18"+ range. Though there was some decent dry fly action, there were not the usual clouds of caddis and trout going crazy for them right at sunset. Will probably wait a week or two before going back...

    - Paul
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    Well done sir

    Thanks for the report
    The Catchin' Ninny


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      Paul, Very nice double header. Congrats. I did that few years ago - East, then Deschutes on way home, bingo, nice one. Good choice on callibaetis, that has been my best fly at East. I am fond of a callibaetis pattern called "The Orb."


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        Not a bad day!


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          I can think of worse ways to spend the day!