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  • smoke

    Couldn't see the beautiful country in Montana last month, couldn't see Mt. Adams going to Goose Lake last week. Hoped to be home and smoke free. Wasn't gonna
    happen and some ash to boot. Didn't think I'd ever say this after last winter and spring but I'm looking forward to some rain again.

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    Last November, when it was so wet, I said to myself, "When August comes, we will wish it was November again." I am so ready for cooler weather, a bit of west wind, and some moisture from the sky.


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      Ellen refers to this as a really lousy summer...she hurt her knee at work 2 months ago but just back to work now...we did managed to get out on an alpine lake recently in our tubes...but a lot of rehab work to do so she could give that a try...We also experienced some of the bad side of decreased operational budget constraints in the forest...regarding signage on secondary and tertiary roads and maintenance issues unmarked...made for some car adventures! However our huckleberry picking was great!


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        The fires suck, but I am not ready for the western OR winter.....


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          As Coach Taggart would say...

          "Embrace the suck"!

          Cheers, Stevie

          PS: AtleastwerenotinHouston
          The Catchin' Ninny


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            You can see Mount Hood from Bend tonight for the first time in a really long time!


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              Not sure what the significance is of the coach Taggart comment, but I agree better here than in Houston or Florida.