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  • A fishing report

    I spent Sunday helping a friend learn how to fly fish. I took him to a favorite stretch of the upper N. Santiam to chase some rainbows and we did fairly well. I nymphed most of the day and set him up with a simple sub-surface rig, trying to teach him to roll cast, mend and set the hook. He landed a nice clipped fish about 30 minutes in that made for a tasty treat when we got home. Later in the day, I put him on a dry fly and he loved it. He rose a couple good fish in a tough current seam where he could only get about five feet of drift before the fly swamped, but seeing a couple full-sized fish come up and take the fly made his day. He missed them all, of course, but it was great anyways. I got several good native fish that were truly healthy and gorgeous.

    The water had some color to it, thanks to some sprinkles late last week and perhaps overnight on Saturday. The burn probably didn't help, but there wasn't much smoke or campfire smell to speak of, which made for a really nice day on the river. All in all, it was a great way to spend the day and I think my friend is pretty well hooked. It was actually pretty enjoyable to teach and see him progress throughout the day. It was only his second day on the river with a fly rod, but he's well on his way. If anything, seeing him raise those fish reminded me how much fun dry fly fishing can be and that I really should do it more often. We did see several stonefly adults in the bushes and the stream looked really healthy.

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    Thanks for the report. Glad you had a relatively smoke-free day.
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      Nice. I've been meaning to stop along that stretch for over a decade now. I've Google Mapped some areas that pull away from the road and there's some tasty looking water. Good beginner river...pocket water, short easy high stick drifts and willing trout.


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        Nice, there is a spot I have gone the last couple of years that offers what seems like a "wilderness" experience 1/4 mile of the highway. Very beautiful stream. It's interesting to see the chinook they truck up there in the fall. Just imagine what is was like before the damns.


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          Awesome thanks for the report.