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  • A couple trips

    Took a couple trips the past few weeks. Couldn’t escape the smoke wherever I went.

    First, to Diamond Lake, where I was after a Tiger Trout. Success, on a hopper no less. Fishing for rainbows was surprisingly good as well. I belly-boated early and late, near the edges.
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    This past weekend I went to the far northeastern corner of the state. I had never been up there. In fact, as I drove down I-84, I realized I hadn’t been past the I-82 cutoff since 1984. Fires affected everything, so the drive was over the Cascades instead of anywhere along the Columbia. I just missed a crazy windstorm and hailstorm at the top of Santiam Pass.
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    Just after this, the road wound along the edge of the Potato Hill fire. It was pretty damp out, but the carnage was evident and there were still a lot of smoldering stumps.

    The next morning: Sunrise in Boardman.
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    And then onto Wallowa County. My buddy and I stayed at the Minam Motel, and couldn’t have been happier. What a great place. We fished all over the area and wore ourselves ragged.
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    Way up on a mountain stream I paused once and said, “Wow. There is a fish in my shoe!” It was a true statement and it was an odd feeling. A 2 inch sculpin of some kind had swum in through the gaps in my sandals. I got the sandal off and I think the little fella was OK.

    Drove home along the Columbia with a goal of seeing the devastation wrought by some stoopid kid with a firework. Allegedly. If true, what a memorable legacy he has left to future generations, plus all the hassles to anyone traveling or living in the area. The smoke was too thick to see anything.

    This was my biggest fish of the weekend, easy. What's not to love about a big-shouldered Rocky Mountain Bonefish?
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    A fish in your shoe and smoke on the water. Thanks for sharing.


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      you're a fine fly fishin' fool, fella... excellent report... glad to see you're havin' a good time, sir!


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        Great report. I need to get to that corner of the state some day
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          Very very jealous... That is my favorite place in the world this time of year. Many fun times on the Wallowa. I used to bowhunt over there all the time but that tag is getting very hard to get. Anyway, looks like a great time. There are some very big whities in that stream and some very good redsides too.


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            thats' quite the adventure
            The Catchin' Ninny


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              ... and a fair number of miles. I was hoping to get to the Wallowa sometime this year, maybe have to wait until next. Thanks for sharing.



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                On my report regarding the N. Santiam, I neglected to mention catching several large white fish. Biggest was probably 16". All in all, I caught damn near as many of them as I did trout, including the little guys. They were seemingly everywhere. Also, totally funny that within five seconds of hooking up, you can tell when you've got a white fish. They come to hand pretty easily compared to the 'bows.


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                  Double Bluff - nice report. I fished Diamond Lake and Crater Lake over Labor Day weekend. Did well at both spots - especially Diamond. I fished at the extreme South End - next to the pizza joint and Short Creek. All Rainbows, plenty of 15 to 17 inch fish caught, near the shore in fairly shallow water. No tigers.

                  However, I noticed something odd that I wanted to ask about. Most of the larger fish I caught were very dark - especially on the back. They looked like spawners to be honest with you - but of course since they were Rainbows - I don't think they were spawners (Rainbows spawn in the Spring). It wasn't just a couple of fish - it was most of them. Actually, I only caught one nice 17" incher that had the normal Rainbow/Silver look to it. I talked to a couple of other fisherman and it said that is common for them to turn darker like that during this time of the year. I know when I caught some in 2008 in late September, the fish look more like the typical Silver Rainbow. I did fish Diamond in Sept of 2014 and the fishing sucked then and I only caught one 14 incher but I recall it being dark as well.

                  Why are these Bows so dark this time of year? Is it a new strain of Rainbows that ODFW put in the last 4-5 years (vs 2008)? Has anyone else noted these dark colored Rainbows at Diamond? At times, I will bonk a fish for that evenings BBQ at camp - but the color of those fish made me hesitant to take one home.