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    Found this today trash hunting between runs while out with Philr and SCI today. Apparently it's cool to make up trash, write your troubles on them, and float it down the river. This person apparently wants to recreate more. I wish they would recreate less, or maybe, just maybe, don't litter while you do so. I found two more of these, though the writing had washed off...

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Hey SF,

      Pics not showing up on Chrome. Uncle Fuzzy?

      Thanks for taking care of the human trash's trash.




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        WTF were they thinking?


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          Picture HINT: if you’re out there trying to creep on the pics without logging in, you might be having the same difficulty I had. Once I logged in...boom. Magic happened and the pics showed.


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            It's litter but at least it's paper and will decay. It was probably a New Year ritual: Some people did Yoga, chanted mantra-shhtuff, and talked about the benefits of creating while they did origami and wrote their regrets down. Then they held hands and watched their regrets float away down the Sandy. Afterwards, they went and had Kombucha on tap and talked about how much 2017 sucked and how 2018 was going to be better year.

            Didn't you find a stolen bag last year?


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              Ryan, if I knew you better I would harass you by asking what you did after having the Kombucha, but since I don't know you very well, I won't do that......


              • Mr. Chin
                Mr. Chin commented
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                Don. I'm always down for receiving Shhhhtuff because I love giving Shhhhtuff! Fire away! Kombucha is actually pretty damn good. I thought it was all hype but I dig it occasionally in between whiskey, beer, and Margs. As far as Yoga goes, I've been doing it for 20 years and it has definitely slowed what I call Ripper-Decline. I vow to be able to surf until at least 80! *I like poking fun at the some of the things people do in the Yoga/Wellness industry (80 Billion Worldwide) because it feels like a joke or an Onion Article when you are reading the descriptions. I can picture it perfectly. People lined up on the Sandy holding hands, some of them crying, and releasing their boats that SoxFan picked up.

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              Not sure why the pics are hidden unless you log in. I tried it six different ways and it all came out the same even though I've posted pics here before. ???

              This was somewhat tongue in cheek as paper boats are the least of the garbage concerns out there, I've found far far worse. I just though the dude or dudette's means of regret was pretty funny. Couple years ago I found a mylar balloon in the upper Sandy with an picture and a plastic in memory message attached to it. What a better way pay respects to a loved on than by letting the winds carry trash to the river. To each there own I guess.

              If I ever see Chin down by the river with a group of people, Kambucha and candles I'm going to watch the show from the other bank.


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                You know that's what was going on! People probably paid for the ceremony too. A whole bunch of people in expensive tight clothes did a sunrise Glow-Flow-Sunrise-Yoga where you paint yourself with paints and do Yoga under a black light, then they drove to Oxbow and released those boats.

                I've noticed more garbage at all fishing spots. More people using. More garbage. Even above the gate on the D last time, I ended up filling my pack and all my pockets with stuff.


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                  Or maybe it was a person just floating a paper boat that got away.

                  I did it when I was young. It was fun. On the scale of outrages, a pretty whimsical and innocent one.

                  - JR


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                    Hey Ryan, yeah no worries,, how was the Kombucha.....


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                      thjs goes right along with people letting balloons off into the air. like really people. how dumb can you be. Thanks Sox for always picking up the trash you see ! I nominate you for 2017 fisherman of the year. and cause you always catch the feesh


                      • Canuck from KS
                        Canuck from KS commented
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                        Hey, a CO-TA siting - rare beast these days.


                      • PhilR
                        PhilR commented
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                        Whoa. Thought you might have fallen in and been swept out to sea. ‘Sup?

                      • soxfan
                        soxfan commented
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                        Thanks, but that's hardy true. I see you couldn't stay away for ever.