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  • Gut check

    What's in your belly?

    I caught an extra fat, 18" long, holdover triploid and decided to bonk the porker.

    Sorry for the over-sized picture, but it had about 10 of these lil' perch inside.

    The trout looked like a rainbow but also had cutt throat slashes.

    Who knew, Stevie

    Click image for larger version

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    The Catchin' Ninny

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    You can sell that in NW Portland as a $20 appetizer: Partially digested free range perch ceviche!


    • PhilR
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      Isn't there some exclusive coffee that is harvested in civet cat scat?

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    Where Stevie? Inquiring minds want to know?


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      Originally posted by Crawbugger View Post
      Where Stevie? Inquiring minds want to know?

      Right below a local dam, in the plunge pool. I think the spiny rays come thru the spillway as they die off in the rez up above. Trout feed below the dam on the winter kill.

      BTW, the triploid tasted pretty good.

      The Catchin' Ninny


      • Clarkman
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        that was my guess...I remember a time there when a white/yellow bugger was money...hell, it might have been with you.

      • Crawbugger
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        Below other dams I've seen juvenile crappy. Black and White variety.

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      You should have popped them back in there before cooking it up.

      Put a twist on Mr. Chin's idea. Rain-Perch-in? Tri-Perch-in? I'm sure I'm missing a good name for the combo platter.


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        You guys are funny!

        The Catchin' Ninny