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  • Quick Steelhead Report

    I’ve never been to jail, but coming out of the holidays seems like what getting out of prison must feel like for some people. Your routine is all messed up. You can’t think clearly. Feeling lost but in somewhat familiar territory. Stumbling around trying to get your bearings.

    Anyway, on Thursday last week I was stuck in that mental place. Couldn’t shake it. And started wasting time on the internet.

    Well...what I stumbled into online was perfect river levels. And a small amount of warm rain to keep things fresh for a few days. Long story short, that led to an airbnb not far from a steelhead river, with an important family member.

    Day 1 = skunk
    Day 2 = embracing the struggle, and leaving very thankful

    We didn’t miss any meals. And the conversation each night was a lifesaver. I feel human again.
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    Ahhh yes, soothes the soul! Good stuff!


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      Yeah, if it were only about the catching, I don't think many of us would keep doing this. Glad to hear that you got out. How is the leg treating you?
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        Yes! The entire experience is what sustains my interest in fly fishing. From the locations, the people you meet, the challenge of logistics, the relationships, etc. Its an amazing bundle of work.

        The leg held up great! Thanks for checking. I could finally wade just like I used to a year ago.
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          Nothing better than an escape from work and the city to bring it all back into perspective.