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    Got off the river Saturday afternoon after what is becoming an annual three day drift trip with Rob Crandall and crew (TC to Harpham). Thursday was cool and unsettled so not much surface activity, but caught quite a few fish on small droppers or straight nymphing and the occasional on the Chubby. Friday afternoon there was a pretty large PMD hatch and the fishing heated up with about equal numbers caught on the surface and on the dropper. Fishing was really good and the whole party cleaned up. I hooked several really nice fish in early evening below trees on the Chubby. Saturday was clear and getting hot and for whatever reason the fishing was pretty poor clear until we got off the river. I suspect Sat. evening might have been really good. There are really large numbers of bugs on the grass and they were starting to fly. I'd guess this is the week. Get over there if you can...
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    Thanks for the report


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      sounds good. I'm hoping to get out there next weekend.
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        Supposed to be warm this week, but we are also supposed to have a couple 3-4 days of rain. That will probably dampen things. If there is a warming period this weekend going into next week things will start to fly!


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          Was out there around Maupin on Friday. Had a chill morning and didn't start fishing till noon. After a winter of nymphing I stayed true to a dry dropper. It was slow from noon till 2 with only a couple dinks and smolts then the PMDs and Green Drakes got the fish looking up and they couldn't resist the stonefly. From 2-4ish it was damn good. Probably got about 15-20 fish in a 300 yard stretch of relatively open banks next to fast water (more on that later). Then from 4-6 it slowed down but I still found players around.

          During the stonefly hatch I will fish the so-called Jungle water as recommended because some bruisers lurk in those areas. It's rad skipping a big bug under the branches and waiting for the boil which often comes the instant the bug settles. But...more often than not I fall in, get snagged, find myself hopelessly trapped by deep water, ledges, and poison oak...then I clamor up the bank waiting for a snake to bite me in the face and the river feels big and overwhelming, and all I want to do is drink. I also think about how little my fly was actually in the water having a chance at being eaten. Years ago I was out on a busy weekend and ended up fishing some open rocky banks next to fast water that I wouldn't have fished otherwise. I ended up having a crazy good day. So I've been hitting the open rocky banks next to really fast water ever since and doing well during the stonefly hatch for years now. I end up covering a ton of water and find willing fish slamming pockets and edges. Sometimes it's dapping off the end of my rod tip and sometimes I can get nice long casts upriver. It's like working a small stream except when I hook a big redside it takes me out into 1-2 ft standing waves and almost into my backing. I think the fish in that water are more reactionary and opportunistic. No water is too fast if there is a small seam or pocket there's probably a fish there. I believe there are some fish that live on the bottom of that super fast water and the only time they are accessible is during this hatch. Had a bruiser take me way out on a popular rapid and do a picture perfect jump and spit framed by complete whitewater. Sooooooo damn good! I really recommend fishing this way when the Jungle Water beats you down.
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            Chin, great reminder to all of us that sometimes you gotta switch it up and not get stuck in one frame of mind. Sounds like an awesome day!

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          Saturday was clear and getting hot and for whatever reason the fishing was pretty poor clear until we got off the river.
          A buddy hit it hard Saturday and said it was slow. I wonder why. The flows looked stable.

          You just never know unless you go....
          Should've been here yesterday....


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            Heading over in an hour. Camping and fishing tonight then till evening tomorrow. Will let you all know what happens.
            Look to the positive!


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              What I experienced, never fished this hatch before so don’t know differences from years past. Fished from about 7 till dark on Tuesday, lot of the big insects on plants and flying around. The insects were not on the water and I caught one fish, probably a smolt, on a prince nymph dropper. Wednesday it was overcast and windy and only got to about 70 degrees. Fished all over from Sandy Beach up to just below locked gate. Fished from about 10 till 4:30. Not nearly as many insects out and about. Got one good whitefish on a chubby, a few smolts or tiny fish smacked a chubby but were to small. Fished all water types because nothing was really happening to make me hone in on that type of water. Missed on really nice looking fish in a back eddy, didn’t pay attention to my line drift and there was an eruption of a fish where my fly had been. Tried various chubby colors after letting the water rest for a bit to no avail.

              Overall I would say the bugs are not attracting the fish yet so they aren’t focused on them yet, but have not seen other hand. Or from 4:30 to 7 is the epic time and I of course was not there to fish it. No matter what it was a great recharge of the battery for me and fun.
              Look to the positive!


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                Originally posted by Mr. Chin View Post
                Jungle Water .
                I've been watching the river temps, weather temps, reports ect...... Its all about being in the right place during the right time....

                I try not to get to excited until I see fish rising to bugs. I snuck away from work on Monday, and hit up a stretch I have never fished before. Less people in this section. All the fish I caught were on top with this pattern.


                some of you might recognize it.....

                There was good amount of bugs in the bushes and a fair amount of fish rising from the middle of the river to the banks. I caught most of the fish in said Jungle water. I hooked a monster that turned out to be a NW pike minnow. That's not a good sign for how far up I was from the mouth. I talked to a ODFW guy and he said that there are reports that people at catching them all through out the river below the dam. ( stupid dam )

                anyway..... the dam has really jacked up this hatch. I felt lucky to hit it when I did and catch fish. The spots that they are keyed in are so sporadic