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Fishing The Truckee In July

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  • Fishing The Truckee In July

    Hey folks, so I'm headed to Truckee for a work event in mid-July and will be staying over a couple of nights to fish the Truckee River. I've never fished this water, so am looking for some advice on most successful tactics, from those that have experience on that water.

    Appreciate any information the group can provide.

    Tight Lines!!

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    Been away from Cali for almost 15 years but I used to hit it pretty hard in the summer as I was a teacher. Always found the Truckee to be fickle. Long flat runs near Tahoe City didn't have the highest populations when I was there even though it looked good. Had better luck in the areas around Truckee and the water was bigger with more tribs having flowed in. Have no idea what the drought years did to it as it pretty much stopped flowing out of Lake Tahoe from what I understand. I always found days to be slow but the magic hour was truly magic. Little T below Stampede is fun too. If you are driving take the scenic route back up and stop at Lake Almanor for the Hexes. Message me if you are road tripping back and I can dish out a few other spots.


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      I spent a decade learning the Truckee. It is a special river for sure. In July, I'd prolly concentrate in the canyon along interstate 80......between the town of Truckee and Verdi.....the water around Hirschdale is nice.....early/late, especially if its hot...may even be hoot owl closure if the water is warming up too much in the #1 rig would be a two fly nymph setup....golden stone on point with a caddis prepared for caddis, pmd, yellow sallies......I'd count on nymphin during day and throwin meat in low light or maybe gettin some surface action.....there are some serious toads in this river, so meat is always on the menu.

      Honestly though, if you really wanna have a good shot I'd hire a's not called the "Trickee" for nothing.


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        Thanks pigs & Mr. Chin. I'm in Truckee for our mid-year Sales Meeting and am only staying over until Sunday so my fishing will be limited to Friday evening and Saturday, flying back to Portland on Sunday. I think we might hire a guide as there are, potentially 3 of us fishing.

        Will let everyone know how it goes.

        Tight Lines!!


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          The Truckee has distinct sections that fish differently....around Truckee it's fairly small, clear, spooky fish, but some toads.

          the canyon is bigger, and lots of pullouts along I 80.....pretty good place to hike around....great place to throw meat.

          down to Verdi area and NV stateline, access is a lil more tricky, but fishing is good.....on thru Reno, and east if town is where I fished mostly.....not picturesque, but overall, better for big trout can fish at all the parks thru Reno, and exits out I 80 east of town....the Nature Conservancy did a bunch of habitat restoration out east, and the fishing should continue to improve......a lil aside, you can fish Nat Con water at the Mustang exit, right next to a house of Ill repute......only in Nevada!

          if you don't get a guide, I would highly recommend at least talking to a local guide who is in the know of the current sitch......Gilligan, aka Matt Koles, Big Fly guide service, Reno Fly Shop, mountain hardware in Truckee, to name a many others.

          Another tip......nymphing is far and away your best I said before, fish a big golden stone/rubber legs, and a sparkle pupa/G6/tungsten birds nest, sz the FAST water.....maybe faster then you've fished all the juicy seams too, of course, but get into the big stuff with a lot of weight and a big indo....or close to you, high stick sans the summer those fish will hold in big water.....but it's flowing much less on the bottom.....gotta use enough weight to get down quick.
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