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    How much time do most CFF's spend practicing their casting? Over the past year, I have been pretty consistent at getting in an hour a week at the local ball field. Prior to putting in this commitment of time, I had always assumed that expert casters were just genetically superior.Now, I find that those seemingly impossible casts that the experts make at the fly fishing shows are actually possible for mere mortals like myself. No more tailing loops. Aeriel mends are just a flick of the wrist. No need to sweat about pinpoint presentations anymore. In short, it seems to me that practice is actually 99% of what it takes to be a very good caster. In talking to other fly fishers, it is clear that I am one of very few folks who even think about practicing my casting, let alone actually doing it. Why is that? When we spend so much money and effort on this casting dominated sport it seems weird that virtually no one actually works on their casting skills. So. Does anyone else practice or am I really a weirdo

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    So, a few anglers practice. My impression is that once an angler reaches a certain level of competence, then the practice time diminishes. You are correct that more practice would make better casters but I think that many anglers work hard to find fishing time, and work on different aspects of their casting then.

    Of course, anglers would maximize fishing time if they were better casters achieved with practice. You aren't a weirdo but interested in improving your skill.



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      I find myself trying different casts when the fishing is slow. It is kind of a cross between fishing and practicing. Often it is just trying to get the fly to land in an exact spot in a presentable manner. Better casting is a part of becoming a better flyfisher. I am trying to do both. Occasionally, the practice pays off.


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        Well, most of us can't evaluate whether you are a weirdo or not...! If so, welcome to the club. But re: casting practice, I do a lot of it while on the water. I am working to be better with my right hand, with a goal of saving my left shoulder. I think a lot of us sorta subconsciously evaluate every cast, trying to make the next one better. I do a bit of it in my back yard, but not much. Good for you for trying to get better at it, the time spent will pay off.
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          This thread is a bot post. A clever bot post. Click on the first link and it goes to an identical post, made by someone else on a different fly fishing board way back in 2004. The second link is a spam link.

          The OP has made a few similar posts to this one.


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            Very interesting. How clever the douchebags are getting. Oh well, the resulting discussion was interesting!

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          I usually watch stuff on u tube and then try to implement next time on the water.


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            This MichaelSmith is a time-waster with no interest in fishing in Oregon. (See his other posts).

            Is there a way in this new Westfly software to ignore a thread (or a user)?

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              thanks for pointing this out.