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Fly Fishing- Permits, Licenses and gear

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  • Fly Fishing- Permits, Licenses and gear


    Some years since I've been fishing, and before the days of regulations etc, so a little out of touch. I'm interested in the odd bit of fly fishing most likely when I'm out and about in the hills. Always fancied coming back from a walk with my tea in the rucksack ! Can anyone advise on what licences, permits are needed, to have a 'dip' in some remote lochan ? Appreciate that any of the big rivers etc. wil come with the need for permsisions, permits etc. most of which are well publicised. But what do I need as a minimum ? Also any advice on Fly gear that can fit in the rucksack, I have seen telescopic rods for this purpose.

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    Lot's of questions Michael. For permits in Oregon, you'll need an angling license for trout. If you are only trout fishing, then you should be set with that but check the ODFW website to be certain. Any water with public access in Oregon is open to fish with a general angling license for trout. If you are after steelhead or salmon, more tags and fees are involved. My impression is that you would be trout fishing. Here's a helpful link for license info:

    A wide range of rods and reels available. An 8 to 9 foot, 4-piece rod packs pretty small and straps to the outside of a backpack nicely. For trout fishing, a 4 or 5 wt rod is going to cover most all trout situations, along with a simple reel and a floating line. If you want to explore Tenkara rods, those are tailor made for fitting in a backpack and can provide a lot of fishing enjoyment. (the telescoping rods you mentioned) No reel needed with those.



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      Terry, think these are spam... first line "Some years since I've been fishing, and before the days of regulations etc" - when was that - then in another post he is always practicing, then over on the Idaho board "Today, a friend and I made a day of fishing a local favorite. ... We hadn't fished it since iceout, back in April. "